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What’s new around the Ranch:

We are closed to visitors on Thanksgiving and the day after. 

The San Diego yarn Crawl was a great success this year.  A fun time was had by all.  Joe and I met a lot of new people and we were really touched by the numbers of crawlers that returned just to see our farm again and to buy all of our wonderful yarn.  We also have lots of people to thank this year for coming to help out:  Susan’s brother Sam and his wife Angela for working the welcome tent.  Our ever-present-in-time-of-need neighbor Debbie.  Our local book club AKA “Wine Club with a Book Problem” for helping out at the welcome tent and cashiering. My clients Denise and Amy for coming to spin and adding a lovely ambience.  And my client Jerilin who cashiered everyday throughout the crawl.  Here are a few pics from the event:

The Yarn Crawl is over and no shows in the fall....You know what that means?  It’s CRAFT and HOBBIE SEASON!!!  Joe is planning on participating in several short wave radio contests.  His call sign is AA2IL for all of you radio geeks out there.  Here is a picture of Joe’s red-neck antenna for this year.  Yes, that is a Nutella jar in the middle protecting some kind of electronic gizmo.  Susan is in the process of finishing a sweater; then she plans on working on her loom.  Fun, fun.

We have the most Amazing Rugs!  Oh my gosh!!! you are not going to believe them until you see them!!! We had to create a special page just for the rugs.  You can watch a video of the local artist that created them for us.  We are so proud to be able to offer such an outstanding product.  Click on the Rug page to see them.

Everyday is alpaca farm day here at La Dolce Vita Alpacas!  We want to make sure that you know this. You just have to call first to schedule a time and we are more than happy to see you!!!

If you liked the video at the top of the page, there is more on the Photoshop Phun page.  Check them out.  There is some funny stuff there.

Our Ranch

La Dolce Vita Alpacas is located on the out skirts of Ramona California; about an hour east of San Diego.  Here in the foothills of San Diego County, our ranch is at about 2,000 feet elevation so it is cooler than the surrounding areas.  Ramona is a wonderful farming community.  This gives our operation access to great services and ranch resources as needs arise.

When you arrive at La Dolce Vita Alpacas, you will find a clean, well organized farm.  Our alpacas are well cared for and attended to on a daily basis.  We have a lovely steel barn which centralizes the care and handling of our alpacas with a generously stocked medicine room.  All the equipment necessary to provide top notch attention to our herd is readily available at our facility. 

Our ranch is a fully enclosed 10 acres.  Our corrals, land and barn are easily  accessible so a visitor can safely tour the entire property to see the whole operation. The 6 foot perimeter fence is electrified for extra safety.  Our wonderful Great Pyrenees also participate in the care and safety of our alpacas and will give you a warm welcome when you arrive.

We have terrifically healthy alpacas and a great breeding track record because of attention to detail and familiarity with our herd.  Basic grooming, nail and teeth care are well attended.  Our alpacas are also better at ease with people because of our consistent routines and positive reinforcement.

You can relax at La Dolce Vita Alpacas.  We like to mix business with pleasure because, after all, it is a pleasurable business.  We welcome and encourage you to explore our farm and this website.  But most of all, we really look forward to meeting you and teaching you about alpacas.


La Dolce Vita Alpacas is a full service ranch offering comprehensive sales and services to our clients.

The care and nurturing of alpacas is our passion. We are here to assist and support you in developing your dream farm.

Website updated on 10/10/2014