Photoshop Phun


This page is an exercise in learning.  Photo shop is an absolutely wonderful tool.  This is a place for us and others to show off. 

Feel free to e-mail  your files and we will post some of them on this page; with proper credit to the person that created the images.

Farm animal related pictures only.  It must be in good taste of course.

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Somebody asked Susan to do a sample poster for an event.  This was not used but she pretty proud of it.

The whole point of the Photoshop Phun page was to do exercises like the one above.  Susan thought she should do her best to get as much practice as possible on Photoshop so that if anything ever comes up and there is a short deadline, she could do it with out too much effort.  Susan’s brother races cars.  She combined a Pally with the track.

Susan caught a really bad summer flu.  She had a 101 degree fever and still wanted to get everything done.  As she approached the gate to the corral to get the alpacas in for the night, they all decided that they would rather go on a little run.  It’s really pretty funny and Susan sounds pathetic.

Susan went out to check the herd in the middle of a summer day.  She noticed that the crias were away from their moms and found them all together in the back pasture.  If you have a bunch of babies around the same age, they can be pretty independent.  The crias are about 2 months old here.

This one speaks for itself.  A really cute farming moment.

Shearing Day!!!!

Joe’s favorite hobby is shortwave radio.  It is customary to send a card to other radio enthusiasts after you make contact.  Joe asked Susan to design a card for him with alpacas.  This is what she cam up with.

Here is a marketing brochure Susan designed.  The first picture is the outside and the second one is the inside.

The Photoshop Phun exercise pays off for Susan.  As it turns out, she was executive Chairman of the San Diego Yarn Crawl in 2015.  She wanted to create some quick promotional flyers for the members of the crawl.  On the left is a little insert for shops to put in customers’ bags and on the right is a page size flyer for shop windows and such.  She always tells people how her office skills have improved along with her ranch skills.  As you can see, this is no joke!